The following Supplementary Documents and Publications are very useful for all the stakeholders to be enlightened on Biosafety Policy, Monitoring and Enforcement, Risk Assessment and Management, Risk Communication, etc issues. Drafted documents (Policy, Rules and Guidelines) are in the process of government approval and will be gazetted once those are finalized.

Supplementary Documents and Publications Download
  a) Biosafety Policy of Bangladesh (Draft) Download
  b) Translated Biosafety Rules into English from the gazetted Bangla version with proposed Amendments (Draft Download
  c) Updated Draft of the Biosafety Guidelines of Bangladesh Download
   d) Monitoring and Enforcement Manual for GMOs in Bangladesh Download
  e) Training Manual on Biosafety Download
  f) Manual on GMO Detection and Good Laboratory Practices Download
  g) Guidelines for Monitoring Confined Field Trial of Genetically Engineered Plants in Bangladesh Download
  h) Emergency Response Procedures for GMOs in Bangladesh Download
  i) National Biodiversity strategy and Action Plan Of Bangladesh 2016-20121 Download
  j) National Biosafety Framework 2006 Download
  k) SOP for Transport of GEP Download
  l) SOP for Storage of GEP Download
  m) SOP for Field Trial Compliance Monitoring of Bt EggPlant Download
  n) SOP for Harvest Disposal of GEP Download
  o) SOP for Post Harvest Management of Bt EggPlant Download

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